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Entergy Paying Oil Firm to Secure Its Emission Credits
Gas deal intended to support system of credit trading - 26-Jan-2005

California Congressman Urges Oil Drilling in ANWR
Letter to the editor by U.S. Rep. Richard W. Pombo (R. CA) argues best way to reduce foreign oil imports is to exploit Alaska's north costal plain, also known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. - 26-Jan-2005

Hopping on Hybrids
Analysts estimate the alternative-fuel vehicle market to be more than $30 billion in the next few years. - 26-Jan-2005

Ford Seeks to Carve Niche in Hybrid Vehicle Market
Bill Ford, Jr announces that Ford is planning to introduce four hybrid models over the next three years, as part of effort to differentiate itself in the car and truck market. - 26-Jan-2005

Honolulu Drops Bus Rapid Transit Route
Nearly empty hybrid buses being reassigned to other, more crowded routes, in part because buses had trouble negotiating hills between Honolulu and Waikiki. - 26-Jan-2005

Providence Approves Purchase of Its First Hybrid Cars
The Water Supply Board plans to buy two Honda Civic hybrids -- at a cost of about $20,000 each - 26-Jan-2005

Congresswoman Mary Bono To Address Clean Heavy Duty Vehicle Conference
Advocate for Advanced Transportation Technologies Will Address Welcoming Reception - 27-Jan-2005

Paying to Ease Greenhouse Gases.. .And Consciences
TerraPass is a pricy bumper sticker identifying the driver as a volunteer in the fight against global warming - 27-Jan-2005

Panel: Irreversible Crises Loom with Global Warming
Task force co-chair sees U.S. cooperation vital in tackling climate change. - 27-Jan-2005

As Green as a Neocon
Why Iraq hawks are driving Priuses - 27-Jan-2005