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In Venezuela, Clouds Are Forming Over Oil
For a country that supplies 15 percent of US oil imports, western oil companies are concerned that Venezuelan policies toward them are becoming increasingly unpredictable. - 25-Jan-2005

CTTransit Tests Confirm Improved Hybrid Bus Performance
18-month hybrid diesel bus demonstration showed 10 percent better fuel economy than the newest diesel buses and 303-35 percent improvement over existing fleet. - 26-Jan-2005

Silencing Science: U.S. Seeks to Purge Report on Warming
Oregon newspaper editorial criticizes Bush Administration for not only denying global warming is a problem but for actively surpressing dissent within the government - 26-Jan-2005

Global Warming Has Hit the Danger Point
Climate change is real and mankind has only a small window of opportunity to halt it, warmings R. Pachauri, the Indian origin chairman of the Intergovernmental panel on climate change. - 26-Jan-2005

Report Warns Global Warming Will Reach Point of No Return in 10 Years
Meeting The Climate Challenge report assembled by Institute for Public Policy Research in the UK, the Center for American Progress in the US and The Australia Institute. - 26-Jan-2005

Biodiesel Advocates Try to Fuel Change in Oregon
Lack of biodiesel availability hampering efforts introduce thed fuel into forestry management and harvesting. - 26-Jan-2005

Quartet of New Bills Support Renewable Energy in North Dakota
Legislation supported by North Dakota Renewable Energy Partnership, a coalition of wind, ethanol, biomass and biodiesel interest groups in the state - 26-Jan-2005

Biodiesel: In-Your-Face to OPEC
Nations that switch to alternatives such as biodiesel before the world finally pumps the last gallon of primordial ooze out of the planet are going to find the transition a lot easier. - 26-Jan-2005

'Scramble' for Oil Globalizing the G-7
"Given the rapid rise in demand for energy from China and India in particular, there's little chance of a coherent world energy policy without these nations sitting at the same table as the G-7 members..." - 26-Jan-2005

China's Ever-Growing Oil Needs May Result In A Global Shortage
To meet growing oil demand, especially from China and India, would require the discovery of four to five Saudi Arabias, argues IAGS director of policy and strategic planning, Anne Korin. - 26-Jan-2005