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Little Car With Big Battery Sails Past Gas Stations
No... this isn't a story about a battery electric car, but another delighted Toyota Prius owners - 24-Jan-2005

Toyota Hybrid Sports Concept Makes Aussie Debut
Toyota CS&S hybrid-electric sports car makes appearance on Australian auto show circuit. - 24-Jan-2005

Informal Poll Raises Concerns That Hybrids Will Clog California's HOV Lanes
By a 6-1 ratio in an informal survey, San Jose Mercury News readers -- including many hybrid owners -- say solo drivers of hybrids such as the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight should be kept out of carpool lanes. - 24-Jan-2005

NUMMI Bids To Add Toyota's Hybrid Line
Fremont, California plant, a 20-year-old joint venture between GM and Toyota must compete against five other Toyota plants in North America where production costs are lower. - 24-Jan-2005

Sensing Battery Problems with Glass 'Soda Straws'
Glass tubes could be used to sense chemical composition of everything from the sulfuric acid in a car battery to hazardous waste. - 24-Jan-2005

It's Cute... And Efficient
Palmetto couple invests in neighborhood electric car that minimizes pollution - 24-Jan-2005

Ekovehicles to Launch Electric Scooter in India
Eco-Cosmic electric scooter will have range of 50kms per battery charge and cost 306 Rupees to recharge, and will be priced at 29,000 Rupees ($665US). - 24-Jan-2005

Folding Bikes Make Travel and Commuting Easier
Common in Europe and Asia, folding bikes may do for cycling what Walkmans did for music and laptops have done for computers in North America. - 24-Jan-2005

When Oil Peaks...
Between 1998 and 2003 oil exploration dropped from $11 billion to $8 billion, but why is in dispute with peak oil analysts contending its because all the big fields have been discovered. - 25-Jan-2005

Economics and Geology May Add Up to $10 a Gallon Gasoline
Originally published October 29, 2004. - 25-Jan-2005