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Honda Insight Hybrid Here to Stay
Honda opts to keep building slow-selling two-seat gasoline-electric hybrid and has no plans for SUV hybrid in next three years - 04-Jan-2005

World Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Demand to Reach 4.5 Million Units in 2013
U.S. market is expected to experience the greatest levels of demand for HEVs -- 2.0 million units in 2013 -- due to rising fuel costs, the unique requirements automakers face in meeting fleet Corporate Average Fuel Economy mandates, and the lack of demand for passenger car diesels. - 04-Jan-2005

India Seeks Long-term Energy Agreements with Gulf Countries
Petroleum Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar will also push for a pie in oil and gas field development projects particularly in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran. - 04-Jan-2005

Expert Pumped About Oil's Future
The basic laws of supply and demand say get used to crude hovering at above the $40 US mark. - 04-Jan-2005

Macon Woman a Driving Force for Alternative Fuels in Georgia
Middle Georgia Clean Cities Coalition director promotes the use of propane, compressed natural gas and vegetable oil- and fat-based fuels called biodiesel. - 04-Jan-2005

Growers Work on Renewable Oil Sources for Vehicle Fuel
Yakima Valley grow has identified one variety of canola that is 'heads and shoulders above the average' while requiring less water. - 04-Jan-2005

UK Farmers Lobby for Greener Future
National Farmer's Union wants government backing for biodiesel and bioethanol fuels, which are cleaner and cheaper than conventional fuels, the crops for which can be easily grown in the UK. - 04-Jan-2005

Seeds of Light and Hope
Engineering students help bring electricity to village in India with biodiesel-fueled generator - 04-Jan-2005

Step Up Biofuels Research and Development
The twin imperatives of achieving energy independence and reining in greenhouse-gas emissions create a tremendous national challenge. - 04-Jan-2005

Virtually Emission Free Vehicles Now in California Show Rooms
The auto industry continues to invest billions of dollars in research and development to produce advanced technology vehicles, such as clean diesel, direct injection systems, hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles, liquid hydrogen in internal combustion engines and fuel cells. - 04-Jan-2005