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China's Risky Scramble for Oil
For China and India to reach just one-quarter of the level of US oil consumption, world output would have to rise by 44 percent. To get to half the US level, world production would need to nearly double.... and that's impossible - 22-Jan-2005

Energy Conservation High on Chinese Agenda
China is expected to promulgate a law this year to encourage the use of renewable energy, including hydropower, wind power, bio-mass and solar energy. - 22-Jan-2005

Alaska Oil Reserve Opened to Exploitation
National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska will be 'subject to strict environmental standards' - 22-Jan-2005

Homegrown Oil
Editorial urges that US look to its own resources rather than rely on more imported oil, even if from sources other than Middle East. - 22-Jan-2005

Is It Time for Energy Wars - Part 2?
Canada is contemplating restricting foreign investment (read 'energy starved' China) in its energy industry, but has to make sure not to rile its neighbor to the south. - 22-Jan-2005

Don't Quench China's Thirst for Oil with African Blood
OpEd by Kenneth Roth, the Executive Director Human Rights Watch sees link between China's quest for oil in Africa and ethnic cleansing in Darfur. - 22-Jan-2005

Interest in Diesel Vehicles Rising in UK with Oil Prices
Cardata.com records a 28 per cent increase in the number of people considering a diesel car as their next purchase. - 22-Jan-2005

Countdown to Catastrophe
Climate change: report warns point of no return may be reached in 10 years, leading to droughts, agricultural failure and water shortages. - 24-Jan-2005

Ford Will Sell Its Electric Pickup Trucks to Lessees
Detroit automaker reverses itself and will sell trucks to protestors for $1 each. - 24-Jan-2005

Clooney's Car Is A Star!
ER star buys Spokane-developed battery electric Tango commuter car - 24-Jan-2005