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Hybrid-Electric Car Market in Canada Powering Up
While hybrid-electric cars still represent a small fraction of the market in Canada, sales jumped more than six-fold from 2003 to about 2,300 units last year and industry watchers predict business could double or triple again this year. - 21-Jan-2005

Women 'Driving' the Talk in Fight Against Pollution
Jan Wilk is one of a growing number of Americans who drive cars that are somewhere between an electric car and the familiar gas-powered vehicle. Since her purchase of Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid vehicle in 2001, she has been a strong advocate for increased use of the new technology. - 21-Jan-2005

Toyota Synergy Hybrid Drive to be Showcased on NBC Special
'International Auto Show', slated for January 23 broadcast, will bring famed Motor City extravaganza into America's living rooms with NASCAR announcers as hosts. - 21-Jan-2005

Hybrid Vehicle Challenges Focus of SAE Symposium
'SAE Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Symposium - Today and Tomorrow' scheduled for February 9-10 in Costa Mesa, California - 21-Jan-2005

Toyota Ramp Up in US Production Likely to be SUVs
Cho told journalists in Detroit last week that Toyota will decide by this summer where in North America to add production of a hybrid vehicle, but not necessarily in a new plant. - 21-Jan-2005

21st Electric Vehicle Symposium in Monaco
Annual EV world symposium and exhibition includes battery, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle technologies. - 21-Jan-2005

Will Crossovers and Hybrids Live Up To Their Hype?
Detroit News columnist John McCormick doesn't thinkk so as he continues to 'wonder at the gullibility of the general public and automotive journalists who should know better.' - 21-Jan-2005

Segway Sleuths
A bit of detective work in California and New Jersey recovers Segway ordered with stolen credit card. - 22-Jan-2005

Eastman Chemical Switches to Biodiesel
Eastern Tennessee chemical maker switching to B20. - 22-Jan-2005

Three-Days of Alternative Fuel Events Slated for Southern California
Events include New Energy Economy to Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles - 22-Jan-2005