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UQM Technologies Drive New Hybrid Electric Transit Buses
Pair of low-floor, hybrid electric transit buses manufactured by Hybrid Bus Technologies, LLC, Denver, Colorado, that are fueled by clean burning natural gas, have been delivered to Los Angeles International Airport. - 19-Jan-2005

Ford Electric Pickup Trucks May Get Reprieve
Sacramento protest by Ranger EV owners and environmental groups causing Ford to reconsider its position on terminating the leases and crushing the electric-powered pickup trucks - 19-Jan-2005

Raboy's Ranger EV Rebellion About Energy Security and Clean Air
Protesters point out that their electric vehicles are emission-free and run on America-made electric power, not imported oil. - 20-Jan-2005

Reading General Motors and Toyota’s Lips in Fuel Cell Race
While Toyota distances itself from a fuel cell commercialization timetable, GM is sticking to its 2010 target - 19-Jan-2005

Ford Learns About Ranchers the Hard Way
Sacramento Bee wonders why Ford engineers can't manage a nimble 180 degree turn when it comes to getting their story straight about their electric pickup truck policy. - 20-Jan-2005

Ford Agrees to Sell Ranger Electric Pickups
Jump Start Ford vigil -- now in it's seventh day will continue, say protesters, until Ford follows through with its promise to sell the Ranger EV pickups to lessees. - 20-Jan-2005

Canadian Researcher Invents New Solar Cell
Flexible plastic solar cell that is said to be five times more efficient than current methods in converting energy from the sun into electrical energy. - 21-Jan-2005

Toronto Readies Order for Diesel Hybrid-Electric Transit Buses
Mississauga-based Orion Bus Industries is leading contender for $110 million order involving 100-150 buses that offer 25-35% fuel savings and reduced pollution - 21-Jan-2005

The Rush to be Green
At the 2005 Detroit motor show, American car makers are taking the green fight to the Japanese. - 21-Jan-2005

Pollution Clogs the Auto Industry
With environmental groups beginning to break barriers in the fight against the SUV, the race for hybrid models is in full swing, and all the automakers are in the heat. - 21-Jan-2005