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Hydrogen Cars Are Almost Here, But...
BMW's hydrogen-burning internal combustion cars by-pass the cost and durability constraints of fuel cells. - 18-Jan-2005

Clean Machines That Run on Natural Gas
Most of the 130,000 compressed natural gas vehicles nationwide are in service with U.S. government agencies, state agencies and energy retail providers. - 18-Jan-2005

Toyota Aims to Sell 20,000 Priuses in Europe in 2005
Head of Toyota Motor's European marketing arm aims to beat projections by a third and sell 20,000 Prius hybrid cars, as well as introducing a new diesel engine this Spring. - 18-Jan-2005

Airbus Launches 'Green Giant' Jetliner
By transporting more people, the A380's fuel-burn rate per passenger will make it more environmentally friendly than most cars, Airbus says. - 18-Jan-2005

Hybrids Headed for Boom or Bust?
Toyota big on expansion, but costs, competing engines a factor. - 18-Jan-2005

For Some Commuters, Electric Cars Worth the Switch
Chicago-area commuters find big savings in their converted electric vehicles. - 19-Jan-2005

Electric Car Protest Continues in California
Environmental campaigners continue their 'sit-in' at Ford dealership to protest Ford's plans to crush their oil-free, zero-emission Ranger electric pickups. - 19-Jan-2005

Accord Hybrid Goes Green Without Fuss
He Drove, She Drove columnists and married couple take the new Honda Accord Hybrid out for a spin and come away pleased with the power and low emissions, but wondering about the $3000 extra price tag and conservative styling. - 19-Jan-2005

Cruising 'Eco' Missile
The Eco, a Kevlar-encased motorcycle, may just be the next transportation wave -- unless the $80,000 price tag stops you cold. - 19-Jan-2005

Gainesville Need Eco-Friendly Buses
OpEd urges community to follow the example of other communities and replace their polluting diesel buses with clean-fuel alternatives. - 19-Jan-2005