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Plastic Can Be Made from Orange Peels and CO2
Oil in orange peels called limonene is catalyzed with carbon dioxide to create a novel polymer, called polylimonene carbonate, that has many of the characteristics of polystyrene, but is biodegradable - 18-Jan-2005

Plug Power To Install Pair of GenSite Hydrogen Generators in New York State
One of the units will be used to refuel pair of Honda FCX fuel cell vehicles leased by the New York State. - 18-Jan-2005

Rebellious Rancher Refuses to Return His Ford Electric Pickup
Mariposa County rancher who leases an experimental Ford Ranger wants to keep it, but the company has pulled the plug on such vehicles. [Save Electric Ford Rangers' Blog] - 18-Jan-2005

Consortium Formed to Study Acoustic Fusion
AFTEC director says,'Acoustic fusion has an excellent chance of becoming the alternative to oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy for the world's electricity - if it is funded appropriately'. - 18-Jan-2005

Actor George Clooney Buys Tango Electric Car
American Actor spends $84,000 on Tango battery electric car developed by Spokane, Washington father-and-son team. - 19-Jan-2005

Th!nk Nordic Launches New 4-Place Electric Car
Th!nk Public intended mainly for passengers transferring from airports and stations to city centres. - 18-Jan-2005

Energy-Efficient Truck Supporters Stage Protest
Sacramento television station's report on "park-in" protest by Ford Ranger EV drivers now in its fourth day. - 18-Jan-2005

Activists Stage 'Sit-in' to Protest Recall of Ford Electric Vehicles
Rainforest Action Network and Global Exchange join 'Jumpstart Ford' protest in Sacramento. - 18-Jan-2005

New Johnson Control Battery Made for Hybrids
New nickel-hydride battery incorporates a more advanced design than the batteries used in busses and is targeted to meet the power needs of sport utility vehicles and hybrid models already on the market. - 18-Jan-2005

Hydrogen Fuel Not Just Hot Air
GM Sequel's fuel cell is fourth generation and runs about $US500 per kilowatt, ten times GM's ultimate target cost. - 18-Jan-2005