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Wisconsin Drivers Warming to Hybrid-Electric Vehicles
While more Americans are being attracted to hybrids for their fuel savings, local dealers advise customers that if they are considering a hybrid, it's good to have reasons beyond wanting to save money on gas, such as environmental factors like producing less emissions. - 17-Jan-2005

Fuel Cells Are No Joke And They Don't Need Oil
After attending the 2005 Detroit Auto show, AMEINfo editor-in-chief Peter Cooper warns that the advent of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles -- as demonstrated by the GM Sequel -- 'should give anyone in the Middle East a sleepless night'. - 17-Jan-2005

EVWorld.Com Interview Reveals Ford's Quest for the World's Cleanest Diesel
Exclusive interview with top Mercury Meta One program managers highlights the progress made and challenges remaining in the development of the world's first PZEV-rated diesel hybrid-electric drivetrain. - 17-Jan-2005

Florida Developer Hopes Segways Will Help Residents Avoid Congestion
At least 10 of the personal transports will be available at the Residences at Windward Passage so residents can avoid congested roads. - 18-Jan-2005

Testing the Budget-Conscious Segway p Series
Popular Mechanics borrows the latest $4k Segway for a spin around the Big Apple and comes away with the impression that while 'technically interesting, the Segway is a high-priced oddity that's more geek than cool.' - 18-Jan-2005

Dairy Farm Generates Public Power From Cow Manure
$1.2 million dollar project -- half paid for by the government -- will generate enough electricity to power more than 300 homes. - 18-Jan-2005

Can Grid Computing Rescue the Planet?
GridCC or 'grid-enabled remote instrumentation with distributed control and computation' is seen in the UK as a means of managing the variable power output of distributed energy facilities like wind farms and wave energy plants located in remote areas. - 18-Jan-2005

Near-Zero Emission Coal Power Plant Edging Closer to Reality
FutureGen project would create world's first coal based, zero emissions power plant form production of electricity and hydrogen in Southern Illinois. - 18-Jan-2005

BP to Help China Develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Infrastructure
Agreements include project in which BP will provide experience for the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell-powered vehicles to China. - 18-Jan-2005

UK Scientist Wants to Turn Sand Into Hydrogen
Experimental silicon-to-hydrogen plant said to be in operation in the United Arab Emirates and that the undisclosed technology is already working in Europe. - 18-Jan-2005