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Emissions Credits Help Fight Global Warming
Clean Development Mechanism will allow industrial nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the an international exchange mechanism. - 17-Jan-2005

New Jersey Community Eyes Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Combination of auto maker rebates to municipalities and fuel savings from gasoline-electric hybrids has Seaside Park taking a hard look at converting its fleet to alternative fuels - 17-Jan-2005

Hybrid Buses Could Be Built in Kansas
Optima Bus Corp. is planning the first hybrid-electric vehicle of its kind and, area officials hope, creating jobs outside the aircraft industry. - 17-Jan-2005

Honda Accord Hybrid No 'Slug'
The front-drive Accord Hybrid's propulsion system allows an estimated driving range of a whopping 633 miles while delivering 29 mpg in the city and 37 on highways with its standard five-speed automatic transmission. That compares with 21 city and 30 highway for the Accord gasoline V-6 with an automatic in comparable EX upscale trim. - 17-Jan-2005

Do SUVs Make You Stupid?
Satirist Mark Morford sees SUVs in America as pointless, dangerous and vain as ever, so only one explanation possible. - 17-Jan-2005

Weak Dollar Hangs Over US Carmakers
Sluggish auto market and sliding dollar spells red-ink for US auto manufacturers European operations. - 17-Jan-2005

High Oil Prices Can Help Make Cyprus Green
More than thirty Toyota Priuses are on the road in Cyprus and the Honda Civic Hybrid is now available, both offering substantial fuel savings and reduced emissions. - 17-Jan-2005

All New Honda Civic Coming in 2006
Redesigned Civic will include next generation IMA gasoline-electric hybrid engine as option, as well as a diesel option in Europe. - 17-Jan-2005

The Energy Security Implications of Hybrid Cars
Essay by Hybridcars.com editor looks at the slow migration to more fuel efficient vehicles. - 17-Jan-2005

Hybrids and Hydrogen Rule
GM Sequel moves fuel cells ahead Ford fields a slick diesel-electric at the 2005 North American International Auto Show. - 17-Jan-2005