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Hybrid Buses Not Showing Promised Fuel Savings
Honolulu's new hybrid-electric diesel buses not in service long enough to determine any potential fuel savings, but other cities reporting disappointing results. - 14-Jan-2005

Toyota May License Hybrid Car Technology to More Carmakers
As demand for more fuel efficient vehicles grows worldwide, Toyota looks to capitalize on its technological lead in gasoline-electric drive systems - 14-Jan-2005

Toyota to Start Building Hybrids in USA in 2006
Honda also considering similar move, while Nissan announces it too will build hybrids here starting in 2006 - 14-Jan-2005

The Hybrid Revolution
Ford excepted, American carmakers continue to feed the child-like belief that there is an unlimited supply of petroleum to fuel internal combustion engines indefinitely. - 14-Jan-2005

Bush Clear Sky Plan Lowers Clean Air Standards
National Academy of Sciences initial assessment of Clear Skies plan would reduce air pollution less than current Clen Air Act. - 14-Jan-2005

Peace in Sudan: Good News for People or Oil Companies?
Western, Indian and Chinese oil companies are helping Khartoum's dictatorship buy the technology to continue to wage war. - 15-Jan-2005

America's Sprawl Threatens Plants, Animals
Lost habitat in America's 25 fastest growning metropolitan areas over the next 25 years could spell extinction for nearly 1,200 species of plants and animals say the National Wildlife Federation, Smart Growth America and NatureServe. - 16-Jan-2005

Lawsuit Seen Forcing US Hand on Global Warming
Lawsuit seeks to require two U.S. development agencies to conduct environmental assessments on coal, natural gas and petroleum projects they financed in developing nations, including China and Mexico. - 16-Jan-2005

'On the Road Again'... This Time for Biodiesel
Willie Nelson and 3 partners hope to sell environmentally friendly fuel to truck stops nationwide. - 16-Jan-2005

Don't Crush My Ford Ranger EV
California activists stage sit-in to protest recall of Ford's electric vehicles - 16-Jan-2005