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Next-Generation Fuel Cell System Propels GM's Sequel
New fuel cell power module delivers 73kW of power for the electric traction motors, as well as auxiliaries like HVAC, by-wire electronics and the battery, while giving Sequel concept car 300 miles range. - 12-Jan-2005

Hybrid Cars Stir Buzz But Jury Still Out Long-Term
The world's major carmakers appeared split this week over which fuel efficient, lower emission engines will prove to be the wave of the future -- hybrid, clean diesel or hydrogen fuel cell. - 12-Jan-2005

Toyota Eyes California Plant To Build Hybrids
Decision to come mid-2005 on which hybrid model to build in the United States, with speculation focused on NUMMI plant in Fremont, California. - 12-Jan-2005

Detroit Learning to Love Hybrids
Demand for gas-electric vehicles a sliver of the market, but it's a sliver Detroit can't ignore. - 12-Jan-2005

Dawn of Alternative Automotive Power
Alternative-fuel vehicles star at 2005 North American Internation Auto Show as Ford's Mary Ann Wright sees a 'time when everything's a hybrid; it's inevitable, because of the fuel economy and performance and (air pollution) benefits'. - 12-Jan-2005

For US Automakers Talk is 'Green' But Money Still on Gas Guzzlers
For all the talk of change, the US market continues to be dominated by power and style as green marketing far outpaces the manufacture of energy-efficient vehicles. - 12-Jan-2005

Siemens VDO Helps Ford Make PZEV Diesel Possible
Siemens VDO Automotive Provides Diesel Expertise on Innovative Ford Mercury Meta One PZEV Diesel Hybrid Concept - 13-Jan-2005

Nissan Unsure of Hybrid Car Demand in USA
Booming hybrid car sales pose dilemma for Nissan, which expected in 2002 to sell 100,000 gas-electric vehicles over five years, but now finds it could build as many as 50,000 a year using parts supplied by rival Toyota. - 13-Jan-2005

Honda Plans to Be First to Lease Fuel Cell Car
Takeo Fukui, Honda's chief executive officer, said the company decided to lease a 2005 FCX to a non-commerical customer to demonstrate how far the technology has progressed. - 13-Jan-2005

Hybrid Car Incentive for Employees Clears the Air
Within a week of announcing the hybrid car incentive in early December, one Timberland employee in California bought a hybrid, and a dozen more on the Seacoast expressed interest in the new program. - 13-Jan-2005