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Increasing Role for 'Clean Coal' Seen in the Future
Despite $2 billion in taxpayer funding -- and $3 billion by private companies -- since 1985, federal 'clean coal' research has resulted in little practical technology. - 03-Jan-2005

Scooter 'Menaces' Facing Hefty Fines in UK
Popular petrol (gasoline) and battery powered scooters bought as Christmas presents require insurance driver's licence in the UK, and can only be used on private land. Fine for second violation is hefty 1,000 Pounds. - 03-Jan-2005

California Hybrid Car Lane Rule Stalls in D.C.
Approval for law that would allow 75,000 hybrid cars into California HOV lanes stalled in federal transportation bill, which may not be approved for six months - 03-Jan-2005

Demand for Hybrids Is Growing
California consumers represent 30 percent of market for the Toyota Prius, where waiting time is now estimated at three months - 03-Jan-2005

Michelin Reinventing the Wheel... and the Tire, Too.
Company that invented the radial tire has developed a combination tire and wheel called the Tweel that will never go flat because it contains no air. - 03-Jan-2005

IEEE Technology Winners in 2005 Include Hybrid Cars
Korean ultra-capacitor developments seen as eventually improving performance of hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. - 04-Jan-2005

PEVs Taking Hills in a Single Glide
Personal Electric Vehicles (P.E.V.) sales increasing in USA from imported Asian scooters to high-end electric mountain bikes by WaveCrest Labs - 04-Jan-2005

Fuel-friendly SUV
Ford's Escape Hybrid is designed to help stretch the driving dollar - 04-Jan-2005

Australia, US Must Join International Strategy on Emissions
Australian Environment Minister admits country is very vulnerable to climate change and achieving a comprehensive, worldwide approach on global warming must be a priority. - 04-Jan-2005

Malaysia's Role in Curbing Global Warming
Although Malaysia is not required to reduce emissions when the Protocol goes into effect, the government recognizes that is must not remain complacent, using it as an opportunity to re-organise Malaysia's usage of fossil fuel and to be more efficient in energy consumption - 04-Jan-2005