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Hybrid Vehicles Clog Virginia HOV Lanes
State officials worry car-pool lanes will get more congested - 11-Jan-2005

Mazda to Sell a Gas-Electric Sport-Utility Vehicle in 2 Years
Mazda Tribute will be built at Ford's plant in Kansas City where Escape is assembled. - 11-Jan-2005

Connecticut to Reduce Global Warming
General Assembly plans to study 55 options that include reducing diesel emissions from buses and trucks through use of low-sulfur fuels and better engine technology. - 12-Jan-2005

Australia 'Gutless' Over Climate Change
South Australian Premier Mike Rann urges Australian leaders to an agreement that seriously tackles climate change and commits Australia to ratification of the Kyoto protocol. - 12-Jan-2005

Warmed Over Inhofe
American Prospect columnist Chris Mooney castigates Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, a global warming debunker, for misrepresenting and ignoring the science behind climate change. - 12-Jan-2005

Freak Weather Intensifies Climate Change Debate
Global warming seen as intensifying weather extremes from droughts to deluges experienced in the UK and elsewhere. - 12-Jan-2005

Insurers Call for Action to Fight Climate Change in Wake of Asian Tsunami
Munich Re calls for measures to stop climate change, which it sees as being responsible for the disaster. - 12-Jan-2005

Tsunami Disaster Presages Larger Climate Change Disasters Warn Religious Leaders
Two senior world church leaders maintain if the world did not give more attention to environmental issues then more tragedies such as the one seen in Asia could follow. - 13-Jan-2005

Sir David King Sticks to His Guns on Climate Change Threat
Chief British science advisor sees consequences of tsunami driven by world's fossil fuel use and its impact on global climate. - 12-Jan-2005

Yazaki Launches Family of High Voltage Products for Hybrids and Electric-Drive Vehicles
Components intended for use in gasoline-electric hybrids and other vehicles employing electric drive technology. - 12-Jan-2005