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Malcolm Bricklin Plans to Bring Chinese Cars to US
Venture aims to sell 250,000 vehicles in five models in its first year, 2007, with the goal of 1 million units by 2012 at 30% below the market with Toyota-Lexus-like quality. - 02-Jan-2005

Hydrogen Hype
Surajit Dasgupta looks at the arguments of hydrogen advocates and skeptics starting with observations of the American Geophysical Union. - 02-Jan-2005

Energy Strategy Shouldn't End With Ethanol
Director of the Upper Midwest Hydrogen Initiative, Rolf Nordstom gives his perspective on David Morris Op-Ed advocating carbohydrate economy - 04-Jan-2005

Will Toyota Be One of the 'Big Three' By 2009?
CSM Worldwide sees Toyota's share growing to 14.1 percent in five years when Lexus and Scion brands are included, knocking DaimlerChrysler out of the Big Three - 03-Jan-2005

Production Trends Point to Reliance on Imported Oil
From Alaska to Mexico to Norway, new oil discoveries are too few and too small to offset declining output at mature and aging fields, with production from North Sea to fall almost by half in 2020. - 03-Jan-2005

Chinese May Get Russian Yukos Oil Stake
BBC News reporting China's state-owned oil company CNPC may get 20% statke in former Russian oil production unit. - 03-Jan-2005

Greenhouse Emissions Market Begins
'Cap and trade' program targets European industrial installations producing carbon in sectors judged to be the most serious emitters, including electricity generation, heat and steam production, mineral oil refineries, as well as the production and processing of ferrous metals; the manufacture of cement, bricks, glass and ceramics; and the pulp and paper sector. - 03-Jan-2005

TidalForce Electric Bikes to be Powered by 'Green Energy'
Eco Moto offers 1000 kW renewable energy green tags offered to offset environmental impact of energy used to power eco-friendly Tidalforce Bikes, eGO scooters, electric bike conversions and conventional gas scooters. - 03-Jan-2005

A Small Car for a Mayor Who Seeks a Bigger Job
Former Lincoln Navigator driver switches to Toyota Prius and is now planning to encourage aldermen and New Haven city fleet to move to hybrids - 03-Jan-2005

Northern Ireland Tries Small Wind Turbine in Public Housing
Lucky tenants of Northern Ireland's public housing provider should be getting quarterly cheques instead of electricity bills from now on. - 03-Jan-2005