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Lexus' Hybrid SUV Gets a Big Head Start
Marketing of Lexus R400h begins year before car goes on sale - 13-Jan-2004

HIgher Oil Prices Likely to Not Come Down Anytime Soon
Combination of factors including weather, depressed dollar and OPEC to keep prices up through rest of year - 14-Jan-2004

Stuart Energy Partners with the Hydrogen Car Company
Hydrogen Car Company to sell new generation of cars and trucks that are powered by hydrogen internal combustion engines - 14-Jan-2004

To Avoid Fuel Limits, Subaru Is Turning a Sedan Into a Truck
The move will let Subaru sell more vehicles with turbochargers, which pep up performance but hurt mileage and increase pollution. - 14-Jan-2004

Stanford Energy and Sustainable Development Program Receives Grant from BP
$1.95 million grant to fund a broad research program on modern energy markets - 14-Jan-2004

Some of Its Parts:Study of Automobile Lifecycle
Canadian research team to use cradle-to-grave approach to examining the creation, use and disposal of automobiles in auto sector - 14-Jan-2004

Arizona Lawmaker Wants SUVs to Pay More
Lowest registration fees would be reserved for cars and trucks that get at least 50 miles per gallon - 14-Jan-2004

Dana Supplies Electronic Cooling Module to GM 'Hybrid' Pickup Trucks
Dana cooling module is intended for a sub-cooled loop that provides thermal management to the "Red Box," the power inverter, and electronics control module. - 14-Jan-2004

Texas Order Clears Way for Production of Seven Hybrid Locomotives
Railpower Technologies and Railservice, Inc of Canada to build six 1,000 hp Green Kids and one 2,000 hp Green Goat locomotives - 14-Jan-2004

Peugeot Joins with Ricardo in British Challenge to Develop Hybrid Car
British partners and the U.K.’s Dept. for Transport will help PSA Peugeot Citroen develop a hybrid Citroen Berlingo that could compete with the Toyota Prius in two years. - 14-Jan-2004