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Cape Wind Must Comply with Energy Bill Provisions
Amendment to require developers of renewable energy and other projects in the outer continental shelf to sign a lease agreement with the government, pay rental fees, deposit a bond for removal costs and comply with other state or federal agency jurisdiction - 12-Jan-2004

Power Cuts Feared As Scotland Goes Green
British Nuclear Fuels warned that prices could rise by up to 63% by 2010. - 12-Jan-2004

New Wind Farm Model for Future
New turbines produce energy at speeds as low as 8 mph and generate 20 times more energy than earlier machines - 12-Jan-2004

Schools Learn Advantages of Energy Efficient Buildings
Designing, building and living in green schools is developing into a strong movement in Colorado - 12-Jan-2004

Korea Joins in Global Race for Futuristic Cars
Samsung Economic Research Institute predicts the market for eco-friendly, efficient cars to exceed $1 trillion in 2012 - 12-Jan-2004

The Barreling Bushes
Four generations of the dynasty have chased profits through cozy ties with Mideast leaders, spinning webs of conflicts of interest - 12-Jan-2004

Environmentalists Sue Wind Company
Group concerned over bird kills at wind farm east of San Francisco - 13-Jan-2004

Energy Consumption a Major Focus of Housing Redevelopment
San Diego's Scripps Ranch area reconstruction to include improvements in energy efficiency - 13-Jan-2004

New Jersey Passes California-style Emissions Law
New law to impose tougher pollution limits on all new cars and require dealers offer hybrids and super-clean gas cars in 2009 and ZEVs in 2012. - 13-Jan-2004

New Jersey Gets Tough on Auto Emissions
New Jersey car dealers would be required to sell zero-emission vehicles starting in 2012 - 13-Jan-2004