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Fuel Cell Hybrid Scoots to Market
Reprinted from Industry Week Magazine - 09-Jan-2004

Mitsuibishi Shows Off Hybrid-electric Concept Vehicle
Eclipse Concept-E shows promise, but company has made no decision on going to production - 09-Jan-2004

The 'Year of the Car'... Or Was That Truck?
'Amid a stepped-up industry battle for market share, confusion and seeming contradictions abound' - 09-Jan-2004

Try Hybrids and Biofuels to Wean Us Off Oil
David Morris is vice president of the Minneapolis-based Institute for Local Self-Reliance. - 09-Jan-2004

Maryland Hybrid Owners to Circle Statehouse
Car caravan and rally in favor of HB 747, the Maryland Energy Efficiency Standards Act - 09-Jan-2004

Automakers Blaze New Trails In Detroit
Honda heads into pickup truck category...finally - 09-Jan-2004

Climate Change May Threaten More Than One Million Species
New study makes it clear that climate change is the most significant new threat for extinctions this century - 09-Jan-2004

Toxic Exposures in Urban Environments
Steel dust generated by New York City's subway system affects the amount of iron, manganese and chromium that commuters breathe - 09-Jan-2004

Oil, Gas Prices Shoot Up on Weakening Dollar
Natural gas supplies, however, said to be adequate - 10-Jan-2004

GM Plans Hybrids for Popular Brands
GM's first mild-hybrid Silverado now available to fleets in US - 11-Jan-2004