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U-Haul Nixes Rentals to Ford Explorer Drivers
Trailer rental firm concerned over product liability and safety issues. - 08-Jan-2004

U.S. Seen Adding Up To Eight LNG Ports
Each terminal would cost $1 Billion US, each tanker $170 million - 08-Jan-2004

Indonesian Electric Car Is Going Places
Battery-powered Marlip has top speed of 40kph and can carry eight passengers - 08-Jan-2004

Japanese Automakers Woo US Consumers with Hybrids
J.D. Power estimates total sales of hybrid cars in the U.S. will top 100,000 in 2004 - 08-Jan-2004

New Concept Mercedes Offers Hybrid Power
Concept car is equipped with M-B's 184 kW V8 turbo diesel motor in combination with a 50kW electric motor - 08-Jan-2004

Perception of Quality Worth Billions in Auto Business
Detroit's Big Three battling to improve both product and perception - 08-Jan-2004

UK's GoingGreen Offers G-Wiz EV for Sale or Lease
Claims Indian-built vehicle has UK's lowest running cost - 08-Jan-2004

Boy Hit While Riding New Electric Scooter in Serious Condition
Police believe victim could have experienced less trauma if he had been wearing a helmet - 11-Jan-2004

Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Makes Fuel Cell Power a Reality
DamilerChrysler F-Cell fuel cell on display at L.A. Auto Show - 08-Jan-2004

Mack Trucks Win AF Hybrid-electric Refueling Truck Contract
Goal is to create a heavy-duty truck engine that runs on a combination of electricity and diesel fuel - 09-Jan-2004