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Lexus Introduces RX 400h, World's First Luxury Hybrid SUV
Combined fuel economy expected to be significantly better than the current average compact sedan rating of 27.6 miles-per-gallon - 07-Jan-2004

Albuquerque to Buy Eleven Diesel-electric Hybrid Buses
60-foot-long articulated buses to be built by New Flyer - 07-Jan-2004

GM's Lutz Argues Critically Acclaimed Cars Like Hybrid Prius are Bad Business
GM head of product development says company has no plans to answer Toyota's Prius. - 07-Jan-2004

Honda and Mercedes Introduce Hybrid-electrics in Detroit
Hybrid Accord available in 2004, while Mercedes-Benz Vision Grand Tourer with diesel-electric hybrid drive available in 2005 - 07-Jan-2004

Here Come the Hybrids
Number of hybrid models in US to double in 2004 - 07-Jan-2004

Diesel On the Road to Improvement, but Gasoline and Hybrids Still Cleaner
Improved diesels would be 2.5 times more expensive than gasoline for a 30% improvement in fuel efficiency, report says. - 07-Jan-2004

Democratic Candidates on Fuel Efficiency Issue
Presidential hopefuls come out in favor of improved fuel efficiency standards - 07-Jan-2004

Dingell Would Like to See More Diesels at NAIAS 2004
Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee sees diesels at way to improve fuel efficiency and clean air - 07-Jan-2004

'Big Boys' Mix It Up At Detroit Auto Show
GM head of research, Larry Burns, admits he's test driving a Toyota Prius - 07-Jan-2004

US Oil Imports Hit Record 63% in 2003
Crude imports also set a new high in 2003 in number of barrels at 9.6 million barrels per day - 07-Jan-2004