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Honda to Offer Hybrid-electric Accord in 2004
Improved and less costly fuel cell stack to emerge at Honda in 2005 - 06-Jan-2004

UK-Series Hybrid Bus Sets Record
Orders for 16 series hybrid buses in hand - 06-Jan-2004

Nissan to Offer Hybrid-electric Altima
Nissan officials coy on exactly launch date for US introduction by spectulation is 2005 or 2006 - 06-Jan-2004

Hybrid Hot-rods and Heavy-haulers in the Pipeline
Hybrid-electric drives in SUVs, pickups and vans to offer Americans power they expect without gas guzzling - 06-Jan-2004

Ford Escape Hybrid May Show a Profit
Ford chief engineer doesn't see company's first hybrid a money loser - 06-Jan-2004

Automakers Unveil Plans for More Hybrid Models
Number of fuel-efficient hybrid models available in the United States will more than double in 2004 - 06-Jan-2004

Green Car Journal Features Lee Iacocca
Former Chrysler head talks about fuel cells, hybrids and oil. - 06-Jan-2004

Hip-Hop Style Meets Hot-rod Culture
Tom Walsh looks at latest offerings at 2004 NAIAS and finds Toyota the 'Teflon' company - 06-Jan-2004

Mercedes-Benz Concept Car to Become Reality in 2005
Vision Grand Sports Tourer powered by first V-8 diesel/electric hybrid drive. - 06-Jan-2004

More EPA Officials Resign or Retire in Frustration with Bush Administration
"We will see more resignations in the future as the administration fails to enforce environmental laws." - 06-Jan-2004