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US Push For Diesels Threatens Public Health, Study Warns
Replacing gasoline vehicles with diesel may increase smog production even while reducing greenhouse gas emissions - 12-Feb-2004

Wind Can Be Near-Term Hydrogen Source, Reports NRC
NRC report sees wind-produced hydrogen going from $10.69/kg to $2.86/kg, with a kilogram of hydrogen delivering about 45 miles of range in current fuel cell vehicles - 12-Feb-2004

Downtown Toronto Wind Turbine Has Little Impact on Birds
The first downtown wind turbine in North America has had "no significant impact" on local and migrating bird populations, according to a bird mortality study produced for Toronto Hydro and the WindShare cooperative. - 12-Feb-2004

Scottish Green Party Bids to Cut Congestion
Green Party wants to stablize road traffic at 2001 levels by 2021 - 12-Feb-2004

UK Government Launches 'Green Energy' Charm Offensive
Initial emphasis of public education campaign to be on benefits of wind energy - 12-Feb-2004

Critics Look to World Bank Pres. to Back Reforms
Independent review urges World Bank withdraw hundreds of millions of dollars from mining and oil industries worldwide - 12-Feb-2004

Solar Power Comes to Suburbia
Prodded by fears of global warming, lured by falling solar-cell prices and strong financial incentives, at least 10,000 US and 70,000 Japanese homeowners, along with tens of thousands more in Europe, installed solar energy between 2000 and 2002. - 12-Feb-2004

Israeli Renewable Energy Producers To Be Paid Premium Rate
Government sets 2% target for Israel's electricity production to come from renewable energy sources by 2007 - 12-Feb-2004

Altamont Pass Wind Farm Upgrade Stalls
Operators must prove a plan to replace hundreds of broken-down turbines with a fewer number of modern machines will reduce bird kills - 12-Feb-2004

Five US Utilities Commit to Clean Energy and Reduced CO2 Emissions
Austin Energy, Burlington Electric Department, FPL Group, Inc., Sacramento Municipal Utility District, and Waverly Light and Power become first companies to answer WWF's PowerSwitch! challenge to switch from coal to clean sources of electricity - 12-Feb-2004