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Indiana Bill Touts Home-grown Energy
Net metering bill passes hous by 92-1 vote margin - 10-Feb-2004

Hydrogen Cars: Not a Sure Thing
"Against the background of hydrogen's true believers, the National Academy of Sciences report seemed calculated to stay reasonably optimistic despite a host of reasons to be skeptical." - 10-Feb-2004

Fuel Cell Technology Drives Three-way Initiative
Three Western New York energy firms form Advanced Fuel Cell Systems, LLC. - 10-Feb-2004

Imports Continue to Dominate List of Cleanest Cars
Natural gas-fueled Honda Civic GX rated "greenest" production car available in US - 10-Feb-2004

Globe 2004 Brings Together 1800 Environmental Business Leaders
Vancouver, BC conference is 8th in series. - 10-Feb-2004

New Hydrogen Storage System Developed
New metal-organic framework weighs half as much as lithium and can absorb hydrogen at relatively low air pressure - 11-Feb-2004

US Energy Secretary Praises Dow/GM Fuel Cell Collaboration
New Freeport, Texas facility will conduct field tests to transfer hydrogen into electricity and will demonstrate the viability of fuel cell power generation for chemical manufacturing - 11-Feb-2004

India to Benefit from Global Hydrogen Experiment
Planning Comission Deputy Chairman praises India's participation in the International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy - 11-Feb-2004

Kaz EV Goes for World Speed Record in Japan
Eight-wheeled, lithium-powered electric car to attempt to set new world speed record of 400 kph (248 mph) - 11-Feb-2004

US Cities Built on Nation's Most Fertile Lands
Development pattern lessens contributions of these lands to Earth's food web and human agriculture - 12-Feb-2004