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Essay: The Oil We Eat
Condensed version of Richard Manning's essay follows the food chain back to Iraq - 09-Feb-2004

Bush Family Values: War, Wealth, Oil
Four generations have created an unsavory web of links that could prove an election-year Achilles' heel for the president. - 09-Feb-2004

Disney Bans Segways, Angering Disabled Visitors
Disney World doesn't allow the Segways into the parks because they haven't been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as medical devices - 09-Feb-2004

European Consortium Completes Hybrid-electric Tests with Lead-Acid Battery
Project Rholab hopes to demonstrate that valve-regulated lead acid batteries can be a viable alternative to the more expensive nickel-metal hydride in hybrid applications. - 10-Feb-2004

Plants May Point Way to Clean Hydrogen Fuel
"Nature figured out how to split water using sunlight in an energy-efficient way 2.5 billion years ago" - 10-Feb-2004

Natural Hydrogen Factory Analyzed
Researchers study how plants split H2O and whether technique can be used to make fuel - 10-Feb-2004

Technologist Proposes Biodiesel Vs. Pollution in Philippines
One percent blend of Coconut methyl ester (CME) with low sulfur diesel produced a 50 percent reduction smoke emissions - 10-Feb-2004

Xcel Energy CEO Critical of Wind Power
Speaks to annual National Western Mining Conference - 10-Feb-2004

Colorado Passes Renewable Energy Bill
Requires Xcel Energy and Aquila to increase amount of electricity from renewable resouces - 10-Feb-2004

Western Ranchers Turning to Wind for Electricity Generation
Pay-back time of small-scale wind generation system as little as 8-10 years. - 10-Feb-2004