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Environmentalists Chide Ford For Broken SUV Promise
Bluewater Network accuses Bill Ford Jr. of breaking his pledge of four years ago to dramatically increase the fuel mileage of Ford’s popular lineup of sport utility vehicles by 2005. - 06-Feb-2004

University of Michigan Students Appeal to Ford for "Climate-friendly" Vehicles
Environmental group wants to see mileage and emissions improvements across entire Ford Motor Company product line, not just Escape Hybrid. - 06-Feb-2004

Bush Dreams of Alaska's Oil
Editorial board sees Bush administration's desire to drill in the Arctic as an obsession - 06-Feb-2004

'Out of Gas': They're Not Making More
New York Times book review of "OUT OF GAS: The End of the Age of Oil." - 08-Feb-2004

Global Warming and Dire Warnings From the Pentagon
Editorial by Star Tribune staff on Pentagon global warming study - 08-Feb-2004

Fire Grounds Indianapolis Hybrid-electric Buses
One of five Ebuses destroyed by fire, cause still under investigation. - 08-Feb-2004

To Buyers, Prius Is Worth the Wait
Unexpected demand for Prius forces Toyota to up production and customers onto long waiting lists - 08-Feb-2004

Questions About Alternative Fuels
Analysis of potential alternative fuels for Thailand's drivers rules out EVs, but for the wrong reasons. - 08-Feb-2004

Southern California Launches Third Air Quality Study
Last test conducted in 1999. - 09-Feb-2004

Stanford Students Single Out Ford in Protest
Bluewater Network continues campaign to embarass Ford into action on its SUV fleet - 09-Feb-2004