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Increasing Greenhouse Gases Lead to Dramatic Thinning of Upper Atmosphere
Average density of the thermosphere has decreased by about 10% during the past 35 years - 05-Feb-2004

NRC Reports on Bush Administration's Hydrogen Efforts
Report recommends DOE focus its research on distributed natural gas and wind-electrolysis to enable a transition to a hydrogen economy within the next two decades. - 05-Feb-2004

Hydrogen Economy Offers Major Opportunities, But Faces Considerable Hurdles
Official National Academies press release on study of hydrogen economy - 05-Feb-2004

US Natural Gas Demand Outpaces Production
National Petroleum Council does 180 degree turn on natural gas outlook. - 05-Feb-2004

Report Questions Bush Plan for Hydrogen-Fueled Cars
National Academies report says battery-powered cars or hybrid cars, which use gasoline and electric motors, could turn out to be better choices than hydrogen - 06-Feb-2004

Hydrogen Cars May Be Decades Away
"In the best-case scenario, the transition to a hydrogen economy would take many decades, and any reductions in oil imports and carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be minor during the next 25 years" - 06-Feb-2004

Yamaha Introduces Electric Bicycle Powered by Lithium Ion Battery
Redesigned lithium ion battery will not suffer from memory effect - 06-Feb-2004

Going From Less Bad to a Future of 'Green'
'Habitat': A landscape architect's design firm puts environmental 'imaginings' into practice for corporate clients. - 06-Feb-2004

Mazda Ibuki Concept Car Powered by Hybrid-electric Drive
MX-5 Miata is best-sellling, two-seat sports car of all time - 06-Feb-2004

DaimlerChrysler Says It Will Produce Hybrid Cars in Near Future
Company remains skeptical about long-term viability of hybrids and costs - 06-Feb-2004