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Iowa Soybean Fields Hold Key to America's Energy Independence
Iowa national leader in soybean production at 337 million bushels in 2003 - 04-Feb-2004

Award-Winning VW Biodiesel-powered Car to Enter Tour de Sol Challenge
Volkswagen sells about 35,000 diesel vehicles a year in the U.S. but cannot meet emissions standards in California and New York with standard diesel fuel. - 04-Feb-2004

U.S.A., China on Collision Course Over Oil
Commentary by Gal Luft, executive director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security and publisher of the online publication Energy Security. - 04-Feb-2004

Hybrid Car Owners Want to Know, Where's the Mileage?
EPA test nearly 40 years old, and automakers say it is out of date with today's driving habits - 04-Feb-2004

Senator Clinton Endorses 'Smart' Energy
Billions of dollars at stake across the world for the winner of renewable energy 'race.' - 05-Feb-2004

USA Renewable Energy Finance Forum Formed
First US forum slated for June 23-24, 2004 in New York - 05-Feb-2004

Hydrogen Potential Oversold, Says National Academies Study
The report says battery-powered cars or hybrid cars, which use gasoline and electric motors, could prove a better choice. - 09-Feb-2004

Renewable Energy Initiatives Gain Momentum
Apollo Alliance praises efforts of California,Pennsylvania and New York to encourage 'smart' energy - 05-Feb-2004

Financial Feasibilty Study to Examine Australian Solar Tower Concept
One-kilometer-hig solar tower would generate 200 megawatts of electricity - 05-Feb-2004

Comet Collision Possible Cause of 'Dark Ages'
Cardiff scientists calculate that a comet not much more than half a kilometre across could cause a global nuclear winter effect. - 05-Feb-2004