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Honda To Introduce V6 Accord Hybrid
Accord Hybrid to deliver V6 performance with Civic fuel economy, says Honda. - 01-Feb-2004

Sucking Wind
Matt Bivens' 'Daily Outrage' column blasts give-aways to oil,gas,coal and nuclear industries in Energy Bill at expense to wind energy - 01-Feb-2004

Sweet Deal for Gas Hogs
California Assembly votes down bill that would have eliminated $25,000 tax incentive on SUVs; this is on top of the $100,000 federal incentive. - 02-Feb-2004

Honda Civic Hybrid to be Leased in Thailand
Review of standard Honda Civic with reference to Civic Hybrid at end of article. - 02-Feb-2004

Environmentalism No Threat to Growth:Panel
The cost of reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases, which lead to global warming, is only one-seventh what opponents predicted. - 02-Feb-2004

New Biodiesel Blend Reduces Particulates and NOx
Clean Diesel B20 Blend makes us of standard kerosene, renewable vegetable oils and a special platinum catalyst - 03-Feb-2004

ZAP Plans EV Trade Mission to China
Company looking for ways to crack the electric car price barrier - 03-Feb-2004

GEM NEV Becomes Golf Cart One
DaimlerChrysler Neighborhood Electric Eehicle to be used by President during Group of Eight economic summit - 03-Feb-2004

World Bank Auditor Urges Investment in Renewable Energy
Head of World Banks Extractive Industries Review urges institution to re-channel its energy investments into clean and renewable energy sources. - 03-Feb-2004

Bush Budget Calls for Alaska Refuge Drilling
Half of lease fees would go to renewable energy research programs over seven years - 03-Feb-2004