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Hemp Oil-fueled Bus Follows Actor Carrying Progressive Message
"Go Further" documentary follows Woody Harrelson on Simple Organic Living Tour - 30-Jan-2004

Ideal Alternative Fuel Slips Through Our Fingers
One hectare of biodiesel fuel produced from rape see oil (canola) will produce enough for about 10,000 miles in an average car - 30-Jan-2004

Skiing Company Hopes to Paint Political Scene Green
SkiCo shifts focus from greening its operations to promoting political debate over current land and resources use - 30-Jan-2004

American MD Unveils CO2 Reduction Technology in New Zeland
Carbon Dioxide Converter permanently splits the molecular structure of carbon dioxide into its basic elements - carbon and oxygen - 30-Jan-2004

How Industry Hijacked 'Sound Science'
Commondreams.org reprint of Tulane University law professor Oliver Houck editorial - 31-Jan-2004

Demand for Oil Outstripping Supply
Someday in the not to distant future, energy will be rationed, not by litres a month but by price, argues columnist Richard Gwyn. - 31-Jan-2004

Has Global Oil Production Peaked?
Oil production is virtually flat, as are total estimated oil reserves - 31-Jan-2004

USA 'In Denial' On Global Warming, UK MP Charges
British MP urges UK Government to confront US. - 01-Feb-2004

Wild Storms in Australia May Be Due to Global Warming
Trend seen in more frequent and intense heavy rainfall events over Australia, according to CSIRO climate expert - 01-Feb-2004

Honda Civic Hybrid
Review of the first 'conventional' gasoline-electric hybrid car - 01-Feb-2004