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Alternative Energy Sources Will Clean Up the World
As the environmental and energy consumption problems that accompany gas- and diesel-powered vehicles become ever more pressing, so the practicality of electric cars has been accelerating. - 29-Jan-2004

GM To Renovate Truck/SUV Plant on Rumors It Will Build Hybrid-electric Vehicles
New vehicles could include hybrid gas-electric models, according to reports. - 29-Jan-2004

New Jersey Governor Signs Clean Car Bill
Bill will also require auto manufacturers to produce approximately 40,000 low-emission vehicles, such as gas electric hybrid cars, by 2009 - 29-Jan-2004

Teens Vandalize 'Environmentally-unfriendly' SUVs in Texas
Teens self-described environmental guerrillas who see SUVs as environmentally unfriendly and decadent - 29-Jan-2004

Geography, Energy Needs Fuel Air Pollutin Debate
Maine has the highest asthma rate in the nation and asthma is aggravated by ground-level ozone pollution - 30-Jan-2004

Alternative Fuel Buses Next Step in Louisiana Clean Cities Campaign
The five-parish area of East and West Baton Rouge, Livingston, Ascension and Iberville is out of compliance with ozone provisions of the 1990 Clean Air Act. - 30-Jan-2004

Green Laws Force Companies to Act
Report from environmental vehicle conference in Washington this week. - 30-Jan-2004

Nebraska Charges Prius Owners Extra $75 Fee
Toyota Prius considered alternative fuel vehicles subject to special road tax assessment, while Honda Insight unaffected. - 30-Jan-2004

General Motors Allison Hybrid Buses Integral Part Of Super Bowl XXXVIII Transit
Houston Metro Transit purchases four GM Allison hybrid buses as part of "Preview Program" - 30-Jan-2004

St. Paul Police Get New Way Around
Department using donated Segway for indoor patrol in winter. - 30-Jan-2004