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Texans Can Chose Solution, Not Pollution
Editorial by Matthew Sturdevant urges American's make New Years resolution to reduce pollution. - 04-Jan-2004

Unions See Benefits to 'Smart Growth' Policy in Southern California
Once opposed to 'smart growth' initiatives, labor unions see focus on dense growth instead of sprawl as creating more jobs - 04-Jan-2004

'04 Prius Captures Car of Year Award at NAIAS
Toyota Prius has enjoyed the fastest sales start of any car in the company's history - 04-Jan-2004

Toyota Debuts Hybrid-electric Highlander SUV
Highlander Hybrid will join the Prius in early 2005 after late 2004 introduction of Lexus RX hybrid - 04-Jan-2004

Toyota Fine-N Fuel Cell Concept Vehicle on Display at NAIAS
FINE-N hydrogen fuel cell concept vehicle has a cruising distance of 311 miles - 04-Jan-2004

Hybrids, Fuel Cells Make Big News At Detroit Auto Show
Prius grabs top honors while Mazda shows hydrogen-capable RX-8 - 05-Jan-2004

'Year of the Car' Meets Revenge of the Truck
Toyota goes after larger truck market, while US automakers attempt to revive car segments - 05-Jan-2004

Big Three Counting on Cars to Win Back Market
Automakers introduce 61 new or redesigned models, up from just 17 in 2001 - 05-Jan-2004

Toyota FTX Cotinues Hybrid-electric Drive Trend
Company mates V8 engine to hybrid-electric drive. - 06-Jan-2004

VW and ADM Team to Develop Biodiesel Fuel
Biodiesel has become the fastest growing alternative fuel in the United States, largely without incentives. - 06-Jan-2004