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The Earth's Life-support System is in Peril
A global crisis - 26-Jan-2004

India Needs Greater Fuel Efficiency, Alternate Sources of Energy
Country's imported oil dependency to jump to 94% by 2030, says IEA - 26-Jan-2004

Stamford, CT Deploys Pair of Diesel-electric Hybrid Transit Buses
Two hybrid-electric diesel buses will be added to the fleet after completing a six-month tour of duty in Hartford. - 26-Jan-2004

Opinion: Fed Gas Tax Lived Too Long
Author favors repeal of federal gasoline tax in favor of local, congestion-based toll systems that keep money in urban areas where need is the greatest - 26-Jan-2004

Global Warming Will Plunge Britain Into New Ice Age 'Within Decades'
"We may be approaching a threshold that would shut down [the Gulf Stream] and cause abrupt climate changes." - 26-Jan-2004

Electric Cars Provide Eco-friendly Options
University of Washington-Seattle campus employes EVs from Segways to Bombardier NEVs to Prius gasoline-electric hybrids - 26-Jan-2004

Idaho Motorists Discovering Benefits of Biodiesel
Users shoulder higher cost in return for cleaner fuel - 26-Jan-2004

Canadians Form Biodiesel Association
Canada's Kyoto commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is expected to create more demand for cleaner fuels - 26-Jan-2004

'Real Solution' Goes on Sale on Colorado's Western Slope
The Catherine Store became the first at-the-pump purveyor of biodiesel fuel on the Western Slope - 26-Jan-2004

2020 Moon Base to Mine for Helium 3?
Izvestia sees lunar base as strategic move to control rare fuel used in thermonuclear energy - 26-Jan-2004