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Reva Electric Car Wins Golden Peacock Award
Award given to year's most innovative product - 24-Jan-2004

Florida Governor Test Drives Fuel Cell SUV
Wants $15 million in incentives to attract hydrogen technology to state - 24-Jan-2004

Hybrid Cars Get Attention at Omaha Auto Show
"I hope our country gets a brain," show goer tells reporter - 25-Jan-2004

Wind Farms May Be Causing Localized Health Problems in UK
Medical doctor attributes increased incidences of headaches and depression to low frequency noise emitted by nearby wind turbines - 25-Jan-2004

Backyard Wind Power Feeding Grid
New Zealand-designed small-scale wind turbine powers remote holiday home and feeds local power grid. - 25-Jan-2004

Loss of Rare Red Kite Threatens UK Wind Farm Plans
The first major study into a potential problem, carried out in northern Spain, found 6,000 birds were killed by turbines in a year. - 25-Jan-2004

Winfield, Kansas Picked as Site for New Wind Farm
Planned installation of ten 263 feet tall towers with a blade diameter of 130 feet - 25-Jan-2004

Cape Wind Farm's Future on Desk in Dublin?
Will Irish Sea offshore wind farm plan serve as model for disputed Cape Wind Farm off Cape Cod, Massachusetts? - 25-Jan-2004

Hybrid Cars in Short Supply in New Jersey
Waiting lists grow for gas-electric cars - 25-Jan-2004

Hybrid Car Saves Fuel, Money
Federal tax break for so-called hybrid vehicles is getting smaller and will disappear after 2006 unless Congress extends it - 25-Jan-2004