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Ford Sales Slide asToyota Moves into Second Place
Ford executives say the loss of the No. 2 spot was not a huge concern - 23-Jan-2004

EaglePicher Commercial Power Solutions Launches New Web Site
Web site designed to make it easier to evaluate company's power solutions such as primary batteries, secondary batteries and advanced battery chargers - 23-Jan-2004

Vermont Debates New Rules on Emissions
State wants to adopt new California auto emission standards that allow for cleaner vehicle technologies. - 23-Jan-2004

Cosmic Rays Not Cause of Global Warming
Paper suggesting cosmic radiation as source of climate change considered scientifically ill-founded by 11 Earth and space scientists - 23-Jan-2004

Tough Carbon Complicates Cycle Model
Fossil graphitic black carbon may play important role in understanding the time scales of carbon cycling in the environment - 23-Jan-2004

No Boundaries for the Battling Auto Titans
Has the media over-hyped the Toyota Prius and hybrid technology? - 23-Jan-2004

After Millions in Grants, ElectraStor Fades
Company had plans to develop nickel hydrogen battery - 24-Jan-2004

Hybrid Cars Selling Fast in Longview, Texas
There's quite a waiting list on them now, say dealers - 24-Jan-2004

The Environment in Politics
Where the Democratic candidates stand on environmental issues - 24-Jan-2004

Toyota Knows How to Drive a Feeling
As Toyota assumes the mantle of the world's second-largest car company, it's worth asking what is it that unites all these efforts? In a word: trust - 24-Jan-2004