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UK Points the Way in European Emissions Trading
Government publishes CO2 emissions allowances for 2005-2007 - 22-Jan-2004

Citigroup Adopts Corporate Policy to Protect Environment
Policy commits Citigroup to invest in sustainable forestry and renewable energy, among other initiatives - 22-Jan-2004

California's Hydrogen 'Bomb'
Lots of 'blue sky'[wishful thinking] associated with switch to hydrogen - 22-Jan-2004

Propane Powers a New Fuel Cell
Texas Officials View Demo in San Antonio - 22-Jan-2004

Millennium Cell and PSA Peugeot Continue Joint Fuel Cell Vehicle Development
Included in the multi-phase program will be studies of on- and off-board fuel and borate management - 22-Jan-2004

Earth Entering 'Uncharted' Waters
The Earth has entered a new era, one in which human beings may be the dominant force, say four environmental leaders. - 22-Jan-2004

Robert Redford Urges Action Against 'Pro-Polluter' Bill
Open letter from Robert Redford on behalf if the National Resources Defense Council - 23-Jan-2004

Whistler Gets Look at GM Hybrid-electric Bus
Hybrid-electric bus promises fuel savings up to 60 percent and a 90 percent reduction in CO emissions and particulate matter. - 23-Jan-2004

Hybrid Cars Drive Big Savings
Fuel savings and tax breaks add up, concludes Motley Fool web site - 23-Jan-2004

Hybrid Cars Save on Taxes and Gas
Federal tax break hybrid-electric vehicles is getting smaller and will disappear after 2006 unless Congress extends it - 23-Jan-2004