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US Energy Department Loses Half Its Hydrogen Research Funds
Lawmakers divert more than half of budget to activites in home districts, some unrelated to hydrogen storage research - 21-Jan-2004

Betting on Hydrogen Early is Betting Blind
Editorial critical of focus on hydrogen development in California - 21-Jan-2004

Canadian Inventor Patents Hydrogen Fuel Process
Process uses caustic soda, water and recycled aluminum to produce hydrogen - 21-Jan-2004

Detroit Finally Getting in Gear
Editorial argues that US carmakers have been slow to respond to quality and innovation, especially in fuel efficient vehicles - 21-Jan-2004

New York Car Dealers Vouch for New Clean Air Law
They say sales of low-emission autos have been brisk under rules adopted years before N.J. followed suit. - 21-Jan-2004

President Fails to Recognize Energy Efficiency, Says Alliance to Save Energy
Statement by Alliance to Save Energy President Kateri Callahan - 22-Jan-2004

Court Backs EPA on Anti-Pollution Rules
Ruling seen as victory for the environment - 21-Jan-2004

Summertime Shocker: Gas Could Hit $3 a Gallon
AAA isn't ready to accept predictions of high summertime gasoline prices, despite warning from Oil Price Information Service - 21-Jan-2004

Country Needs a Sound Energy Plan
Letter to editors of Chicago Sun-Times from Dan Vest, Normal, Illinois - 22-Jan-2004

New Biomass-Fueled Power Plant Fires Up in Australia
Five additional plants to be constructed totalling 85 megawatts. - 22-Jan-2004