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7th Auto Expo in New Dehli is Fun Time
Maruti-Suzuki Twin hybrid-electric concept car and Reva electric car on display, but other major carmakers absent - 20-Jan-2004

Toyota Lexus Line Proves Luxury Exception
Introduction of hybrid-electric model Lexus an effort to prove luxury buyers will be willing to pay premium for horsepower and fuel economy - 20-Jan-2004

Identifying Disruptive Technologies
Disruptive technology eventually does everything the old technology did plus adding brand new capabilities - 20-Jan-2004

Maryland Adopts Energy Efficiency Standards
New standards will take effect March 1, 2005 for nine categories of appliances and equipment sold in Maryland. - 20-Jan-2004

A Better Way to Get From Here to There
ILSR study urges re-evaluation of hydrogen-economy proposals. - 21-Jan-2004

Opinion: State of the Union Speech Misses Opportunity to Promote Sustainable Energy Policy
Author offers specific proposals to begin switch to progressive energy policy - 21-Jan-2004

Researcher's Wheels Turning on Batteries for Hybrid Cars
Multi-lingual Moroccan spearheads advanced battery intiatives at USA's Argonne National Laboratory - 21-Jan-2004

UC Irvines Tests Hydrogen SUVs
UCI's National Fuel Cell Research Center has two of the only 15-Toyota Highlander fuel cell vehicles in the world. - 21-Jan-2004

Mazda To Launch Hydrogen-fueled Rotary Engine Vehicles in 3 Years
RX-8 sports car and minivans possible candidates - 21-Jan-2004

Hydrogen Is 'Road Forward', Says EU President Prodi
Aim of initiative is to develop a strategy to turn the EU from a fossil fuel-based to a hydrogen-based economy - 21-Jan-2004