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Western Australia Seeks to be Center for Hydrogen Economy
Western Australia provides ten percent of world's liquid natural gas - 16-Jan-2004

Canadian Maritime Province Moving to Wind and Hydrogen
Prince Edward Island currently gets 15 percent of energy from wind, but is looking to up it, possibly to 100 percent - 16-Jan-2004

HaveBlue and Texaco Ovonics Unit to Develop Hydrogen-powered Marine System
Texaco Ovonic Hydrogen Systems to provide metal hydride hydrogen storage for prototype marine engine - 16-Jan-2004

New Study Finds Strategic Investments in Clean Energy, Efficiency Creates Millions of Jobs
New Apollo Project would create 3.3 million new jobs and achieve energy independence in ten years - 16-Jan-2004

Green Power Fades As Carmakers Push Hybrid Horsepower
The key reason: Horsepower sells. - 18-Jan-2004

Pennsylvania Offers Alt Fuel/Hybrid-electric Incentives
State sets aside $168,678 for alternative fuel and hybrid-electric vehicle purchases - 18-Jan-2004

Automakers Show Off Gas-Electric Hybrids
.. pin long-term hopes on fuel cells - 18-Jan-2004

Hybrid Guru Visits Blackhawk Technical College
Speaker owns largest dealership of pre-owned hybrid vehicles in the country - 18-Jan-2004

New Prius Hybrid-electric Parks Itself
Toyota plans to offer self-parking later this year in the United States. - 18-Jan-2004

Ocean Floor Reveals Clues To Global Warming
Rising ocean temperatures could cause explosive release of frozen methane hydrates. - 18-Jan-2004