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Wind Power Is the Way Ahead, Says UK Minister
Wave or tidal power also holds promise, but onshore and offshore wind most technologically developed - 15-Jan-2004

Bicyclists Get Right of Way on Louisiana Campus
Planned bike path at UL Lafayette is long overdue, some say. - 15-Jan-2004

Turbine Benefits Blowing in the Wind
Scottish Executive urges to raise community wind power payment from £1,000 to £5,000 per MW. - 15-Jan-2004

Delphi & Bosch Both See Fuel Cell Commercialization Another Decade Longer
It will take at least a decade further out than originally anticipated, Tier One parts suppliers say - 16-Jan-2004

Leasing Prius Reaps Huge Savings for Canadian University
Award-winning student study sees $20,000 savings in four years to University of Waterloo over current Volvo lease - 16-Jan-2004

Maruti-Suzuki Concept Vehicle Goes Hybrid-electric
Indian carmaker debutes trio of concept vehices at Auto Expo 2004 in New Dehli - 16-Jan-2004

Gasoline Prices Bounce All Over
Prius owner totals car, but still enjoys 48 mpg in city mileage - 16-Jan-2004

Automakers Touting Electric Hybrids
2004 Detroit Auto Show turns out to be major venue to environmentally friendly vehicles in North America - 16-Jan-2004

Colorado City Goes 'Natural'
Broomfield city fleet shifts to B20 biodiesel - 16-Jan-2004

Wamp Urges High Priority for Hydrogen Power Development
US Congressman urges speed up to time table for implementation of hydrogen economy - 16-Jan-2004