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Popular Scooters Illegal on Streets in Missouri and Kansas
Operator must be 16 years or older and licensed to drive motorized (gas or electtric) scooters on roadways - 15-Jan-2004

City Looks at Scooters, Buses and Parking
While scooters not legal on Illinois roads and street, new bill would allow municipalities to authorize them - 15-Jan-2004

Police Warn Riders to Keep Scooters Off Roads
Scooters -- both gas and electric -- popular Christmas presents in 2003 - 15-Jan-2004

Popular Electric Scooters Require Licenses in Arkansas
No child under 10 years of age can possess a motorized bicycle operator certificate - 15-Jan-2004

Scooters Ordered Off Streets
Must be 18 or older to operate motorized scooters in Dickinson, Texas - 15-Jan-2004

Scooters No Longer Child's Play
Two New Jersey community police departments enforce different policies on the gas- and battery-powered vehicles. - 15-Jan-2004

Guide Aims to Ensure Safe Use of Mobility Scooters
Mobility scooters can give elderly and disabled people independence but warns they can cause havoc on the roads and be a danger to pedestrians if wrongly used. - 15-Jan-2004

Independence, Missouri Ordinance Makes Allowance for Mobility Scooters
Electric wheelchairs provide mobility to elderly and infirmed, but must remain on sidewalks in Independence, Missouri - 15-Jan-2004

Get Rolling with Hybrid Vehicles
Editorial by executive director of the David Suzuki Foundation - 15-Jan-2004

University of Chicago Scientists Find New Way to Store Hydrogen Fuel
New hydrogen-water compound could solve storage problem - 15-Jan-2004