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Fuel Cell Cost Reduction
Honda shortens fuel cell commercialization by decade - 02-Jan-2004

'Mustard' is the Word for New Renewable Fuel
Blue Sun spreading the word that mustard seed has advantages over soybean for making biodiesel fuel - 02-Jan-2004

Working Towards a Sustainable Future in Canada
OpEd by Anne Mitchell, executive director of the Canadian Institute for Enviromental Law and Policy - 02-Jan-2004

US Planned to Seize Mid East Oil Fields in '73 As 'Last Resort'
Declassified British memorandum said the United States considered launching airborne troops to seize oil fields in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi, but only as a "last resort." - 03-Jan-2004

U.S.A. Winked at Hussein's Evil
Robert Sheer oped on newly released documents from Reagan and Bush, Sr. Administrations - 02-Jan-2004

Olympia, Washington Garbage Trucks Go Biodiesel
Move will cut 200 tons of greenhouse gas emission a year - 03-Jan-2004

Biodiesel 'Good' For Georgia, Official Say
Georgia produces one billion pounds of animal fats and vegetable oils that can be converted to biodiesel fuels, according to report. - 03-Jan-2004

More Renewable Energy May Not Mean More Jobs in Scotland
Lack of large-scale wind turbine manufacturing facilities a major issue. - 03-Jan-2004

Friends of Earth Pubilsh Guide to Green Electricity Tariffs for UK
All electricity suppliers in UK are required by law to supply three percent of their power from renewable sources - 03-Jan-2004

Olympia Conference to Extol Wind Power
Conference slated for January 9,2004. See original source for time and location details. - 03-Jan-2004