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China to Cut Waste, Air and Water Pollution
Cutting pollution to remain top priority for government. - 15-Jan-2003

Exxon Valdez Oil Still Harmful, U.S. Studies Say
Residue form 1989 spill still harming wildlife. - 15-Jan-2003

New York Seeks EPA Waiver from Clean Gasoline Rules
State doesn't want to use fuel additives. - 15-Jan-2003

California Rules Would Delay Emission Quotas
CARB avoids legal battle by delaying ZEV mandate two years. - 15-Jan-2003

Auto-Safety Czar Warns Drivers of SUV Dangers
A Rise in Fatal Rollover Accidents Prompts Regulator to Seek Action From Car Makers - 15-Jan-2003

Military Hybrid May Drive Civilian Fuel Cell Use
Military hybrid may drive civilian fuel cell use Army and GM's battle truck could boost troop safety and cut costs. - 15-Jan-2003

SUVs: How Dangerous Are They?
If you're driving an SUV, are you really at greater risk of dying in an accident? Here are numbers. - 16-Jan-2003

Regulator Criticizes SUVs on Safety Front
Runge urges consumers to do their homework before buying an SUV. - 16-Jan-2003

Aging Motorcycle Taxis Primary Air Pollution Source in West Africa
Many motorcycle taxi drivers are unemployed university students. - 16-Jan-2003

Hydrogen Cars Can Be Wave of Future
Miami Auto Show debutes Ford fuel cell Focus and other alternative vehicles. - 16-Jan-2003