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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Raise Efficiency
UC Berkeley professor looking at using fuel cell-powered cars to supply electricity to homes and businesses. - 14-Feb-2003

STM Deploys Beta Fleet of Stirling Engine Generators
Each 25kW unit uses its own water and electricity to produce hydrogen. - 14-Feb-2003

California Defends, Reconsiders Auto Emission Rules
"The federal government and polluters are synonymous," says California Attorney General. - 14-Feb-2003

Hydrogen Fuel Initiative Must Find New Name
Freedom Fuel name already used by others, including Amway, a major GOP contributor. - 15-Feb-2003

Scientists Discover How Hydrogen-Making Bacteria Thrive with Cyanide
Bacteria may hold answer for making inexpensive hydrogen. - 15-Feb-2003

EU Project Aims to Produce Hydrogen at Petrol Stations
New technology will allow the development of a hydrogen reformer roughly the size of a double bed. - 15-Feb-2003

EPA Certifies First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car
2003 Honda FCX becomes first hydrogen fuel cell zero emission vehicle to be officially certified by the US EPA. - 15-Feb-2003

Blue Planet: The Fuel of the Future
Bush initiative is a welcome if halting step in the right direction. - 16-Feb-2003

Army to Develop Fuel Cell Vehicles
Military research could give a boost to low-emission cars for civilian use. - 16-Feb-2003

Opinion: Bad Element
Robert F. Kennedy speaks out on Bush hydrogen fuel proposal. - 16-Feb-2003