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Flexcar Wants to Add More Hybrid-electric Cars in DC
Flexcar hopes to add more environmentally-conscious vehicles to its car-share fleet. - 11-Feb-2003

Hydrogen-Fueled Cars Previewed at West Sacramento Facility
California Fuel Cell Partnership hosts media day. - 12-Feb-2003

Florida Experimenting With Hydrogen Power
Fuel cell powering Birch State Park in Fort Lauderdale. - 12-Feb-2003

ECD's Stemple Shows Off Hydrogen Technology to White House
ECD sees use of NiMH batteries in hybrids as first steps towards "Hydrogen Economy." - 12-Feb-2003

Odd Couple Introduce Fuel Cell Bill
25% tax credit proposed for purchase of fuel cell vehicles bought before 2010. - 12-Feb-2003

Hi Tech Cars Ready to Soak Up the Sun in Race Across Australia
The seventh annual Australian Sunrace starts Saturday. - 12-Feb-2003

GM Demonstrates 10,000 PSI H2 Storage in HyWire Car
700 bar hydrogen storage extends range of fuel cell concept vehicle 60-70 percent. - 13-Feb-2003

Peugeot to Focus on Hybrids Instead of Fuel Cells
Company head says many obstacles facing fuel cell cars justify decision to concentrate research on hybrid-electric vehicles. - 13-Feb-2003

OpEd: Still No Serious Marketing of Hybrid Auto
Editorial sees hybrid as a well-kept secret targeted only to environmentalists. - 13-Feb-2003

Go Electric in London - Avoid Congestion Charge
Hertz rents Th!nk city for use in downtown London. - 13-Feb-2003