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REPORT: Slow Road to UK Hydrogen Economy
UK report sees use of renewables to replace fossil fuel power plants as making more sense to the environment than fuel cell cars. - 31-Jan-2003

Hydrogen car: an H-bomb for the Arabs
Bush Future Fuel initiative seen as threat to Arab world. - 31-Jan-2003

Automakers Praise Bush's Support of Hydrogen Cells
UAW critical of Bush proposals on Medicare and Social Security. - 31-Jan-2003

Suzuki Releases First Hybrid Mini Car
MPG efficiency second only to Honda Insight. - 31-Jan-2003

Big 3 'Hybrids' Still Gas Hungry
With Iraq war looming, switching to hybrids may make sense, says Chicago Tribune. - 31-Jan-2003

US Rejoins International Fusion Project
Source of fusion power would be water. - 31-Jan-2003

OpEd: Empty Promises
New York Times editorial critical of lack of protection for environment or energy development in State of Union address. - 31-Jan-2003

A Greener Bush? Environment Fits Political Strategy
With war approaching, advisors say the president needs to shore up his standing with suburban women. - 01-Feb-2003

Bush Ties Renewable Energy Funds to ANWR Drilling
Opponents of drilling in ANWR say there are still enough Senate votes to block drilling. - 02-Feb-2003

On the Road to Smaller, Fuel-Efficient SUVs
Consumers, while still in love with the goliaths, are steering the marketplace to roll out safer, less-wasteful models, experts say. - 02-Feb-2003