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Active Power Announces 363% Increase in Revenue
Flywheel energy storage company see fiscal 2001, revenues total $22.6 million, up $17.7 million or 363% from 2000. - 25-Jan-2002

Lung Association Hosts Clean Car Showcase
Largest showcase of clean air vehicles ever held in the area on Friday, January 25, 2002, at the Southern California Edison offices in Ventura, California. - 25-Jan-2002

Pacific Fuel Cell Appoints Isao Nakagawa Chairman
Chairman to provide advice and contacts as the company moves forward to commercialize its proprietary fuel cell technology. - 25-Jan-2002

Las Vegas Sues Federal Gov't Over Nuke Dump
Joint petition filed with U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on behalf of Las Vegas and Clark County. - 25-Jan-2002

Shell Renewables Switches On West Texas Wind Farm
Liano Estacado Wind Ranch near Amarillo rated at 80MW, enough to power 30,000 households. - 25-Jan-2002

Gephardt Calls for Energy Independence In 10 Years
Democratic leader of US House calls for effort to make US energy independent. - 26-Jan-2002

Waxman Charges White House Changed Energy Plan To Benefit Enron
Rep. Henry Waxman wants to know when provisions where added to the White Houses' energy plan that directly benefited Enron's investments in India. - 26-Jan-2002

GM Finds Itself Funding Anti-capitalism
British anarchist band Chumbawumba using royalties from GM to fund documentation of the social and environmental impacts of General Motors itself. - 28-Jan-2002

European Stock Market Climbs as BMW Profits Signal Economic Recovery in 2002
BMW shows 2001 operating profit, as did DaimlerChrysler and Porsche, signaling possible European recovery in 2002. - 28-Jan-2002

Coalition Urges Bush to Focus on Energy Security
Sustainable Energy Coalition urging White House to set realistic and near-term solutions to decrease U.S. reliance on foreign oil. - 28-Jan-2002