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Report Documents Sweeping Retreat on Environment Across Federal Agencies
NRDC report asserts coordinated attack on environment by federal government including 26 major retreats on key environmental issues at six different federal agencies. - 23-Jan-2002

Is Bush's Fuel Cell Plan Hot Air?
Critics assail FreedomCAR program saying we still need energy-efficient vehicle standards. FreedomCAR budget to be part of the 2003 Federal Budget proposal. - 23-Jan-2002

Irish Inventor Claims To Have Solved Free Energy Problem
Device demonstrated to Reuters powers lights for two hours after energy source switched off. - 23-Jan-2002

League of Conservation Voters Grades Bush's Environmental Record To-Date
League president to participate in Live Chat today with Washington Post. - 24-Jan-2002

Power play on horizon for Big Oil
Oil giants maneuvering to become power generators in deregulated energy marketplace, as well expanding renewable energy development role. - 24-Jan-2002

Chicago Tribune Calls for More Aggressive Conservation & Fuel Cell Development
Newspaper urges more aggressive conservation along with continued effort to commercialize fuel cell technology. - 24-Jan-2002

H Power To Build Range Extender Fuel Cell For Peugeot Citroen
7kW fuel cell will be employed as range extenders, an on-board device that increases the current range of an electric power car through an alternative energy source. - 24-Jan-2002

Report Urges UK To Set 20% Renewable Energy Goal
The PIU recommends Britain should meet 20 per cent of its energy needs by sun, wind and wave power by 2020, but it admits that the existing target of 10 per cent by 2010 may be difficult to achieve. - 24-Jan-2002

Kerry Presses for Stringent Requirements for HEV Tax Credits
Kerry says he wants to cajol and excite the marketplace to get it and the industry behind more fuel-efficient vehicles. - 24-Jan-2002

Antarctic Lakes Visible 'Beacon' of Global Warming
20-year study has revealed dramatic changes in Signy Island's lakes caused by a 1.8-degree Fahrenheit rise in air temperature. - 25-Jan-2002