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California Plans $15 Billion Renewable Energy Initiative
Proposal estimates state will save $10-$15 billion by not buying as much natural gas. - 20-Jan-2002

Japanese Toymaker To Offer 2-Seat Electric Cars
Two-seater has range of 50 miles between charges and will be prices around 1 million yen ($7,500US). - 22-Jan-2002

Top Geologist Foresees End of Petroleum Era
New book by retired oil geologist predicts end of oil glut, though there are still plenty of skeptics. - 22-Jan-2002

Senator Kerry to Propose Democratic Alternative Energy Plan
Plan would provide incentives for increased use of wind,solar,geothermal, as well as increased fuel efficiency for automobiles and light trucks. - 22-Jan-2002

BP Investors Question Investment Risks of Arctic Drilling
Transatlantic coalition files shareholder resolution calling on BP to analyze risks to shareholder value from operating in environmentally or culturally sensitive areas. - 23-Jan-2002

Kerry Charges Bush Energy Plan Leaves US More Oil Dependent
Teamster Union backs ANWR drilling because of the high-paying union jobs it would create. - 23-Jan-2002

Illinois Foundation Awards $2.1 Million in Energy Efficiency Grants
Grants to fund start-of-the-art energy efficiency with cost savings to promote economic development. - 23-Jan-2002

Powerball Int'l To Develop Back Up Fuel Supply for Hydrogen-Powered Mining Vehicle
Research project to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of using hydrogen as an alternate, zero emission fuel for reducing exposure of underground miners to diesel particulate matter. - 23-Jan-2002

Emory University To Announce Pilot Electric Car Program
Announcement to be made today at Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. - 23-Jan-2002

Scientists Describe Century of Human Impact on Global Surface Temperature
Using cointegration techniques, study is first to make a statistically meaningful link between human activity and temperature, independent of climate models. - 23-Jan-2002