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NRDC Report "Dangerous Addiction" Offers Roadmap to Ending Oil Dependence
Plan offers steps towards reducing US oil needs starting with raising fuel efficiency standards. - 17-Jan-2002

Earth Action Network Urges Calls To White House To Protect Clean Air Act
Campaign asks for calls to White House switchboard. - 17-Jan-2002

EU Launches Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Program
CUTE program awared Euro18.5 million to demonstrate hydrogen to fuel public transport systems. - 18-Jan-2002

Energy Visions Inc. Announces Senior Appointments for Initial Battery Commercialization
NiZn battery and fuel cell technology developer appoints new president to begin push towards commercialization. - 18-Jan-2002

Antarctic May Have Stopped Shrinking
New JPL study finds ice sheet getting thicker, bringing end to 11,000 melting. - 18-Jan-2002

Europes Largest Glacier Melting
Cause still being debated but 900-meter-thick Iceland glacier thinning by 1 meter a year. - 18-Jan-2002

World Wind Energy Capacity Grows By 30% in 2001
World wind electric generating capacity climbed from 17,800 MW in 2000 to an estimated 23,300 MW. - 18-Jan-2002

New Computer Control System For Hybrid SUV
Ohio State engineers develop new compute control system that can increase sport utility vehicle by 50 percent, while maintaining comparable performance. - 18-Jan-2002

University of Florida Mileage Efficiency Expert Praises Bush Fuel-Cell Powered Vehicles Initiative
Director of UF Fuel Cell Lab also part of peer review committee overseeing original PNGV program. - 18-Jan-2002

Coral Casts Doubts On Glaciation Theory
New study finds orbital changes alone cannot account for changes in glacial buildup or recession. - 18-Jan-2002